5 Secrets: How To Cheat Lightning Fighter 2 Get More Coins

5 Secrets: How To Cheat Lightning Fighter 2 Get More Coins

Even in Android or Ios, when you run this game, try to play it through the diversion, I didn’t assemble enough money to open the later ships, as I was spending it when I could on moves up to help finish the levels and I wasn’t set up to spend my genuine cash to purchase new ships in the wake of feeling a bit let around my first ship “overhaul”.

On top of the weapons and boats, you can buy proceeds and coin gathering helps, however these are gotten by spending jewels, which are about as simple to obtain as unobtainium. You can purchase diamonds with genuine cash too and to be in any way reasonable, on the off chance that you keep your ship supplied with shields, bombs and unique assaults, you ought to have the capacity to advance through the diversion without expecting to spend an excessive number of valuable gems.

To the extent shot hellfire shooters go, Lightning Fighter 2 is a bit on the less demanding side of the scale. There are just seven levels to play through, however every one should be finished three times, as the diversion is part into bronze, silver and gold trouble levels, which should be played through sequentially. I can’t help feeling this is somewhat of a cop-out approach to tissue the diversion out, misleadingly expanding the recess. The redundancy of the stages isn’t excessively irksome, as the activity is firm and you don’t have an entire load of time to lounge around considering “Gracious, I’ve officially done this”.

Toward the day’s end, Lightning Fighter 2 is a bit of gorgeous sight with enough substance to keep you biting for a sensible time. The adversaries and conditions are very much planned, there are a larger number of projectiles flying about than there are moderate movement helicopter shots in a Michael Bay film and the supervisor fights are appropriately epic.

In the event that you missed Lightning Fighter the first run through around and can look past the to some degree voracious IAP framework, Lightning Fighter 2 is surely worth looking at.